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Yahoo Password Recovery

Once upon a time, a password was something only a spy or secret agent would use. Or it might have gained you access to a club of ill repute. Then, along came the Internet and now everyone seems to need multiple passwords for all the sites, forums, applications and web accounts they use every day.

And because we’re only human, we have a habit of losing those passwords, or even worse, we simply forget them. But for registered Yahoo users, getting your password back easy as 1-2-3.

Here’s all you need to know about Yahoo password recovery:-

  1. Go to your Yahoo login page

Enter your user name (example: username Ensure you have entered the correct username and then click on next. If you are not certain about your user name then click either the ‘not you’ or the ‘I forgot my password’ options. You will then be directed to the Yahoo Sign-in helper page.

  1. Enter your user name or Yahoo email address again

You will be given a choice of options listed under ‘Let’s get into your account’ and then provide the information required under the ‘Tell us one of the following things to get started’ prompt. These include your sign-in email address, your mobile phone number, a recovery phone number, or a recovery email address.

  1. Enter your information of choice and click on ‘Continue’

You will be prompted to enter missing digits in your phone number. Once you have filled in the correct phone number, click on ‘Send me the account key’ under the rubric ‘Do you have access to this phone?’ You will receive a text with the key code to your account. Use this code to access your Yahoo account and click on ‘Verify’.

If you don’t have access to the phone or you don’t know the number then you can have the key code sent to your secondary email address.

Click on ‘Yes, send me an Account Key’ under the prompt, ‘Do you have access to this email?’

This will be the recovery email you entered when you first signed up to Yahoo. It can be an account with Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, or any other account you have already set up. Wait for the email containing your key code to arrive. Open the email and enter the account key code in the box provided. Click ‘Verify’. Congratulations, you have just regained access to your Yahoo account!

Finally, a heads up about passwords

Choosing passwords shouldn’t be as easy as a lot of people make it. Never use your real name, the name of a favorite pet, your partner’s birthday or your own date of birth. Passwords should be at least 10 characters long. Remember to use upper and lower case, numbers and special characters.

Also, understand that it is unwise to use the same password for all your needs. This just makes it a whole lot easier for someone to hack into all your accounts. Create a dedicated password for each individual account, forum or website you log in to. You can use the title of the site for example, with a modification so that you can remember the password without having to write it down.

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