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Change Your Yahoo Password

There are a number of reasons why you should change your Yahoo account password. Security is one reason. Experts recommend changing all your passwords on a regular basis as the best way to ward off phishing attacks. Another reason is that you may have lost or forgotten your password and need a new one.

Changing your Yahoo password is a relatively simple process, but can prove difficult for Internet newcomers. Your Yahoo helpline +1-844-624-2563 is available to help 24/7, and they can walk you through each of the steps required to complete the password change successfully.

Change Your Yahoo Password by just following these 8 easy steps:

1: Sign into your Yahoo account

2: Hover your mouse over the gear icon in the top right-hand corner

3: Click on ‘Account Info’ from the drop-down menu

4: Select ‘Account Security’ on the left side of the page

5: Enter your current password in the box provided

6: Click on ‘Change Password’ at the top of the ‘Account Security’ page

7: Enter your new password in the box provided. Enter again to confirm

8: Congratulations! You can now access your Yahoo account with your new password

How to protect your new Yahoo password

Did you know that it takes about 0.077 seconds to crack a 6 letter password? And 344,000 years to crack a password that has 12 characters of numbers and letters? Choose wisely, and once you have a new password you’ll want to protect it for as long as you need it.

Here are 5 tips to keep your passwords safe:

  1. Never share your login information

Passwords are very personal things, and no one should feel obligated to share them with partners, family or friends. They will have their own passwords, and they probably don’t share them with you, do they?

  1. Use a different password for different accounts

Not all the websites, forums or accounts you log into will have the same security standards. Smaller sites, in particular, are easy targets for hackers. Create an individual password for everywhere you need to enter login information, so if you do get hacked you won’t have given away access to all your Internet haunts at the same time.

  1. Enter passwords with care

Especially if you use a coffee shop, a library or other wifi hotspots on a regular basis, be aware of prying eyes and shield your device when you enter your password or other sensitive details. You never know who is watching!

  1. Always enter the Yahoo URL in the search bar

Try not to follow links to from other sites or web pages. This can be a trick used by phishing hackers to create a false login page. Instead, always manually type the Yahoo URL in the search bar so you can be confident you get taken to the authentic page.

  1. When in doubt, change your password

Even if you have no reason to suspect your Yahoo account has been compromised, at times something might just ‘feel off.’ There may be no scientific explanation for this, just instinct and gut feeling. Trust that feeling.

Need help changing your Yahoo password? Call +1-844-624-2563 today!